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In 3 stages

  • 1. Choose the right cones for your needs
  • 2. Set up your network using the cone adapters and 8 metres of tubing provided
  • 3. Connected at the end of the line with the «priming adapter», i tacts like a squeezer bulb : Press and released !
  • Expand your network with the
    « Connector Pack » !
  • A multi-use product (potted houseplant, window boxes and balcony, small vegetable garden …) and an economical working !
  • No water on your balcony ?
    Think Aquasolo WaterSet!

The just quantity of water necessary for the plant and no evaporation !

schema explicant le débit de chaque cones

Create your own watering system:
Permanent? Absence?

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  • schema res'eau
  • schema res'eau gros plan